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not sure if this is just a version thing, but there are some stone blocks that look to be destructable in the same way some vines were, one of these sets of blocks is a colum of 2x7 the other is horizontal 2x11. i am unable to pass either with any of the almost complete collection of monsters i have, using them in the same way you break vines and hidden room entrances with.

A gameplay in spanish here -> 


I honestly can't put into words how much I love this game. Pokemon was always a favorite of mine, but this takes it to a whole new level. 10/5

This game is such a gem. It's exactly what I wish pokemon was. Each creature has multiple build paths in their skill tree so it's more like a character tthat you get attached to, not to mention the plethora of abilities they give you to traverse environments. The game is already out in early access on Steam, so definitely give it a shot if you haven't!


I can't load game.


This game is absolutely amazing. I can only recommend it and wish for sequels and updates.


This Game is Amazing and so much fun, I love the simple and easy to understand combat, and the artwork is amazing, I love every aspect of this game, and everything is perfectly balanced!


gave me a terraria vibe along with pokemon with its own little twists to make the player have a unique experience unlike other games,amazing


This game is pretty neato. I had a lot of fun with the turn based mechanics and can't wait to see this get developed further! :D


can i get the madeye monster?


Awesome mix of genres wrapped in gorgeous pixel art!


i literally LOVED this game! i highly recommend it!

such a beautiful game

Does Moi Rai Games have an Public Development Road map out? Something for the user-base to see the general % of the completed game?

Hat Moi Rai Games eine Public Development Road Map? Etwas für die Benutzerbasis, um die allgemeinen% des abgeschlossenen Spiels zu sehen?

A great monster training game like pokemon, digimon world or monster rancher

I recommend this game a lot!

Just released the second demo version here and also launched the Kickstarter for the project!

Good game...

Played trough the game, and overall, really great . Nice art, game concept, even the soundtrack is on point! Looking forward to the full release. Despite this, I had some problems (bugs) while playing. If you run straight on the wall beside the first chest (on the mountain pass), the game will stop responding. Also, during some battles, if you check the buff info, the game will also stop responding. Still, this game is preety worth  a 10/10  rating. Great game!

Me and the kiddo had a lot of fun with this one, reminds me of the snes rpg games with a touch of pokemon.

Ok, played through the entire thing, and REALLY liking it...

Just one thing, we NEED an option to swap out monster skills (a little more customization mostly)

Or maybe upgrading monster skills (say with unused eggs?)

Made a video

Pls do for mac os x

i would rather pay for this game 40 euro than on the toad game on switch, is a switchport in plan?


yeah i plan to do it as a stretch goal for the upcoming kickstarter. I would love to have the game on the switch :)

I've been following this game for over two years now when I first found gifs of it on Imgur. I downloaded the demo on Steam a while back and absolutely loved the game! It's everything I've ever wanted it to be. When this game finally does release in full, I hope there will be some kind of ultimate collectors edition because the developers deserve every penny! 11/10


thanks, thats very motivating! :)

Good effort on making this game. I don't usually like these types of game but this one is very fun and enjoyable.

This is pretty fun. Usually don't go for these types of games but I'm getting into it. Prob do a few more videos, pending on how long the demo is. Keep up the good work.

Hey, thanks for doing the nice video! :)

Rather enjoyed it, covers some of the better aspects of metroid style games with a fun turn based combat that is pretty balanced